Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Zip. Pastor Zip.*

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It's been a cold, dark, snowy winter. That's beginning to change. So, this afternoon between Lenten services, I stepped out to make a hospital call, get Sebastian washed (he looks pretty good for a 6-year-old, no?), and pick up the palm branches for Sunday's worship.

Here's how much I've become acclimated to the Midwest: growing up as a boy in the San Fernando Valley, I needed a sweater when it got below 70°F (21°C). This afternoon it was in the mid-50s (12°C), I'm driving with my sunroof open, and wearing only a sweater. Oh, the Sun and the fresh air felt so good! Especially since I was not reading the First Draft of the ELCA's Statement on Human Sexuality.

* With apologies to The Pontificator, Fr. Al Kimel, who had a similar blog title ("Kimel. Father Kimel") with similar photos of him and his Miata last spring before his old CANNet blog got hacked and permanently disappeared. I suppose we both owe an apology to James Bond, which I'd be glad to do for a spin in his Aston Martin. I won't speak for Fr. Kimel (who's on my Blogs for Faithful Churchmen list), but I do notice he's beginning to post fairly regularly to his new Pontifications blog. While that is not quick reading, I expect that to be much more edifying than what I didn't look at today.

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