Sunday, December 09, 2007

CaNNet Update

Both Drell's Descants (on his new back-up site) and, now TitusOneNine report the major hacking of CaNNet over the (U. S.) Thanksgiving Day weekend, and The Elves at T19 report:
Mike Daley of CaNNet is still working to restore the blog databases and partitions, and hopes to have the blogs backup as soon as possible, perhaps within a few days.
and offer links for a handful of CaNNet bloggers who've created alternate sites.

Pastor Zip prays for Mr. Daley's success, for not only has CaNNet been a fine vehicle for bringing orthodox Anglicans in North America together, it has been a wonderful resource of theological comment on the crises in the Episcopal Church and Anglican Church in Canada as the ELCA and ELCIC rush down the same tracks of letting our life experience judge the Holy Scriptures rather than the other way around.

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