Saturday, December 29, 2007

40 Days of Prayer for Peoria

What has emerged from when the Mayor brought Peoria ministers together is being called 40 Days of Prayer/ Push for PEACE. The 40 days begins this Monday (New Year's Eve) and concludes February 8 (the first Friday in Lent).

Each evening at six o'clock, the community is invited to the Gateway Building on the Peoria Riverfront, where for 35-45 minutes, there will be 1) a meditational Scripture reading, 2) a 5-10 minute word of encouragement from the leader, and 3) concentrated prayer time in a format designed by that evening's Host Congregation. On Fridays beginning January 11 the format will be a bit different, with "united praise and worship services" led by groups of ministers.

The Journal Star's Mike Miller has posted the schedule of hosts on his Faithfully Yours blog. There's a fairly wide representation of Evangelical and Pentecostal churches and ministries, but the presence of the more "mainline Protestant" traditions is pretty sparse compared to their (our?) place in the city's establishment. One other curiosity is that there is (at least so far, for there are still 3 unsponsored evenings) no Roman Catholic participation in this effort sparked by our Roman Catholic Mayor. The nearest to "Catholic" sensibilities will be January 16, the evening that Fr. Eric Craig of St. Andrew's Anglican and your humble servant of Zion Evangelical Lutheran churches are jointly leading.

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