Friday, March 09, 2007

Welcome to "Faithfully Yours"

Bishop Keith Ackerman brings to our attention Faithfully Yours, the blog of Michael Miller.

Miller has been Religion Editor at the Peoria Journal Star for several years and under his stewardship that has, in the years since I've come to Peoria, evolved from a weekly page of local announcements and largely national wire features to the 2-page Faith & Values section featuring a mix of local and national features every Saturday, plus other church-related news stories and features at other times during the rest of the week.

Over the years the Faith & Values section has offered an impressive view of the wide range of faith expression here in the Heart of Illinois (and, yes, I'd say that even if he didn't quote me every once-in-a-while) and has offered local perspectives on matters of faith. As Bishop Ackerman writes in drawing our attention to this new blog, "We are all indebted to Mike for his excellent reporting. He is a man of Faith; he writes it and he lives it." Faithfully Yours gives a good flavor of Mike's work here from Peoria and I too commend his blog to you.

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Pastor Zip said...

Mike Miller's Faithfully Yours blog is now found here.