Monday, February 26, 2007

Jesus' Body Found!

It's Lent, the season Christians prepare for the remembrance of Christ's Passion and a time for the media go wild over the "latest new find" showing that the death and resurrection of Jesus are nonsense. This time it's a Discovery Channel "documentary," The Jesus Family Tomb, along with a book, brought to us by the director of The Titanic.

James M. Kushner over at Touchstone magazine's Mere Comments offers a most succinct response:
Funny that when evidence against Jesus's Resurrection was most needed--during that time when several hundred witnesses were openly squawking about it--those interested in such evidence (his alleged bones in a box even conveniently labelled as such) somehow missed the boxes right under their noses. They could've nipped his religious movement in the bud, having failed the first time on Good Friday.
Unbeknownst to James Cameron, but obvious even to Time magazine Christians have been visiting the tomb of Jesus since the days of Roman Emperors. I visited it myself in 1985!

As for His Body, you will find it at Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church of Peoria and lots of other churches. Come on by, Mr. Cameron, and I'll show you.


GB said...

Looks like Discovery is getting nervous about the response to their show. Link:

Pastor Zip said...

Thanks, gb. The TV Week article opens with this:

Discovery Channel's controversial James Cameron-produced documentary "The Lost Tomb of Jesus" drew the largest audience for the network in more than a year on Sunday night, but the network has taken several recent steps to downplay the project.

Departing from normal procedures, the cable network didn't tout its big ratings win. The network also scheduled a last-minute special that harshly criticized its own documentary, and has yanked a planned repeat of "Tomb."

Check out the rest of the story