Monday, April 30, 2012

"If I Wanted America to Fail"

Writes Morgan Richmond over at Hot Air, "A provocative new video from the folks over at Americans for Limited Government promoting a new project focused on economic liberty and free market policies." Indeed it is. Watch it.

Tip of the hat to Chaos Manor Mail.


Curtis said...

This is demagoguery at its slickest. I'm interested in what you found worth sharing in it?

W.B. Picklesworth said...

Demagoguery in what sense? In that it assumes the worst about other people's motivations? That's a concern. It is not, however, demagoguery in the sense that it is lying about the underlying issues. Politicians and interest groups have long been able to advocate for causes without accepting any blame for the logical results of that advocacy.

Oil companies supply us with oil. That is good. There are also environmental ramifications to that activity. Those are bad. Everybody knows about the negatives.

Environmentalists protect nature for its own sake and for human health. That is good. They also kill jobs and make it more expensive for people to live, especially poorer people. This is bad. Is it demagoguery to point this out? No. The lack of information on this point has been a longstanding demagoguery. This video seeks to correct a one-sided picture by providing the other side of the story. All by itself it might be troubling. As a counter to pervasive cultural misinformation it is salutary.

Curtis said...

Demagoguery is an appeal to fear. That is exactly what this video is.