Monday, April 11, 2011

Cable and the Decline of Broadcast News

Dear CNBC:

Oh, dear. I'm not sure whether the plural of "Leaf" (as in Nissan Leaf) is "Leaves" or "Leafs." One thing I know, however, is that it is *not* "Leaf's." I'm trying to imagine Huntley, Brinkley, Chancellor, or even Brokaw (to name some of NBC's news luminaries) letting such poor English show up on the screen repeatedly on their newscasts -- as I saw early this afternoon.

Steven Tibbetts

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Vonster said...

There is so much to say based on your headline but I'll leave it alone.

You are right, BTW. Possibly due to the low scale of current public school education.

Lutheran Desert Rat said...

I also blame the volume of information being pumped out; most of it not news but just blather. It's hard to have any quality when you are pumping out junk 24 hours a day.