Monday, July 05, 2010

A Fashion Statement: Edward vs. Buffy

While I'll be headed to the theater soon to catch the latest installment of Twilight -- yes, I've enjoyed the films and the books -- nevertheless, this t-shirt ad at Jinx makes me smile:
Buffy Staked Edward T-Shirt

Don't you think the vampires-are-people-too thing has gone a little too far? I mean, the whole point of a vampire is that they survive by sucking your blood. I don't care if his skin glows and twinkles and he smells like kittens and fabric softener, he's still just a glorified syringe. Remember the last time you had blood drawn? Yeah, me too, and it sucked! It's time we put an end to this nonsense: Edward, may I treat you to a stake dinner?
Well, black is my color...


Pastor Keith Falk said...

Who knew you were a Twilight fan? I confess I've seen the movies, but have yet to read the books. The most pressing question is, of course... are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Pastor Zip said...

No contest, Keith -- Edward.