Monday, April 05, 2010

Opening Day!!

The President of the United States tosses the first pitch for Opening Day for the Washington Nationals.

Alas, the comments to this YouTube video are pretty crude, and miss the point. Mr. Obama is our President, it's the beginning of the baseball season, and it's a grand tradition. Show some respect for the Office, the Game, and the Tradition -- and just enjoy it.

And tonight, I'll be listening to my beloved Los Angeles Angels on XM Radio...


Steve Martin said...

I love that baseball season is here!

(even if I have to endure more of the ego-maniac lefty)

The Rev. Erma Wolf said...

Steven, thanks for posting this here so that I don't have to go to Youtube and see the postings. This is a lovely American tradition, and I have enjoyed each year that the President has observed the opening of the season by throwing the first pitch. And yes, for every President, even the ones that in other matters I could not stand! There are some things more important than politics. Baseball being one of them. (And I will enjoy following my traditional family team, the St. Louis Cardinals !)