Sunday, February 07, 2010

South Side Memories

Last month Bonnie White was the lector for the Sunday services at Zion. This morning, readers of the Peoria Journal Star saw that Bonnie, whom many have seen in local theater productions over the years (often with her husband, Mel -- one of Zion's organists), can write, too. No surprise to those who receive her letters.
Why is it, as we grow older, that we think about our earlier years and the happiness that went with them?

My childhood and the first 21 years of my 62-year marriage were spent on the South Side of Peoria. I loved Garfield School and still keep in touch with some of my friends from those days.

I remember walking home and having lunch with my mother and sometimes with dad, since he did shift work at Commercial Solvents Corp. I doubt Dad got beyond the 4th grade, but it didn't keep him from working hard and being a wonderful parent. My best friend considered our house her second home and we're still best friends.
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While they moved out of the neighborhood 40+ years ago, Bonnie and Mel are often on the South Side, worshiping and serving the Lord at Zion, which has been on the north-east corner of Easton and Hayes for over 115 years. The church -- both the people and the building -- is a jewel in a place too few expect it.

It's been my home for over 17 years -- and good memories are still made here.

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Melanchthon said...

Wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing.