Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Set the Course for Mars!

From Humans To, hat tip to the Mars Society. Zip+:


President Obama: Set the Course for Mars

The American space program, begun and carried out so successfully during the Apollo era, has drifted ever since. Four decades of stagnation is enough. It is clear that if progress is to resume, NASA needs a goal that can mobilize and focus its efforts today in the same way that the reach for the Moon did in the 1960's. That goal should be sending humans to the Red Planet.

Mars is where the challenge is, Mars is where the science is, and Mars is where the future is.

While there are problems that must be solved, overall from a technological point of view, we are much better prepared today to send humans to Mars than we were to reach for the Moon in 1961, and we were there 8 years later. Given leadership willing to embrace challenge, we could have our first teams of human explorers on the Red Planet before the end of the next decade. We should settle for nothing less.

The American people deserve a space program that is really going somewhere. Therefore, we the undersigned urge President Obama to courageously embrace the challenge before us, and commit the nation to send humans to Mars before the end of the next decade.

Tell President Obama to Set the Course for Mars:

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I signed!


Melanchthon said...

Thanks for this great information. I'm signing!

Steve Martin said...

I think his out of control spending has already left our galaxy.

Wouldn't that be the advice you'd give to someone having financial problems? Just spend all you can and borrow even more?

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