Thursday, September 04, 2008

Big tents are for circuses.

Early this morning (while also watching news reports of the Republican National Convention) I was reading an ALPB Forum Online discussion that had started with responses to the Speaker of the House's mangling of Catholic thought on abortion but had turned into another debate over ELCA vs. LCMS communion practices. I read from an ELCA pastor,
"We are the 'big tent' denomination."
Now, "big tent" --whether it be from political or churchly pundits -- got old for me a long time ago. It just seems a nonsensical thing for anyone who cares about political principles (which the United States of America were founded upon) or a confession of faith (which is what Lutheranism was founded upon). But only early this morning, upon reading once again that sort of nonsense, did words immediately jump into my head. And so I posted them:
"Big tents are for circuses."


William Weedon said...

And it was very funny too. I was cracking up. But if you've got a big tent, we've got some outstanding freak shows... ;)

Jon Christenson said...

Thanks for the insights.