Friday, June 06, 2008

Gettin' them into church

Fr. Robert is a cyber friend, formerly an ELCA pastor, now an Orthodox priest who (thankfully) continues to spend some time in Lutheran precincts. Over at ALPB Online, he wrote this yesterday in the "Is the liturgy transcultural?" thread: must always be a place for the proclamation of the Gospel and receiving the Means of Grace. I have never been a fan of contemporary worship. I especially dislike "entertainment evangelism" or whatever they're calling it now. My Lutheran mother-in-law often argues the point with me that "at least it gets people in"; while I am quick to remind her that topless ushers handing out $5 bills would achieve the same results with greater success. The ends never justifies the means; and when the means becomes an end in itself, we find ourselves to be idolaters.
If I smile during the offertory Sunday, now you know why.

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