Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What is your church celebrating this Sunday?

The ELCA's web site was recently completely redesigned. That's all well and good although, since I am still on dial-up (DSL has only come this far for a few months, and every time the Peoria cable franchise changes hand, the company seems to raise the price as it offers even worse customer service), the big section in the middle with the four rotating teasers is somewhat annoying.

Then there's the content. You might remember this from Holy Week. Well, someone's still not checking the Church Calendar. Here's one of those rotating messages on the ELCA front page:

May 18 – A "Day of Dialogue" on Racism

ELCA members are observing May 18 as a “Sacred Day of Dialogue and Discussion” on the topic of racism, as designated by the National Council of Churches – USA. Some resources on racism include:
  • A 1993 ELCA social statement on Race, Ethnicity and Culture

  • A 2008 resolution on racism by the ELCA Church Council

  • Resources from the ELCA Metropolitan Chicago Synod

    Well, I don't know about your ELCA congregation, but at Zion on May 18 we're observing the Festival of the Holy Trinity, complete with a reading of the Athanasian Creed. Yes, racism is important. But, contrary to the grasping-for-relevancy National Council of Churches, or the ELCA's front page, it doesn't quite rank up there with dialogue on the very nature of God.

    That's twice, now, in 2 months. I say it again: "Just whose church is this?"
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