Thursday, November 15, 2007

We Have the Same Parents

Dad keeps asking me, "Have you been on the Canoga Web site lately?" I finally made it over there tonight and found the article he wanted me to see. It's about one of our high school's history teachers and Dad's favorite line is, "He was also an advanced auto-shop major."

While that's a great line, this is better:
• What does Mr. Tibbetts do in his spare time??
o He is in charge of restoring our redwoods in our school. We are the only school in the Los Angeles Unified School District that still has redwoods. The reason that he got involved was because an alumnus stated that all of the history of Canoga and historic items were gone. He decided to change that. He wants to make our history something that we remember and that continues through time.
I'm actually quite proud my brother for that.

My little brother.

Do you think he looks 4 years younger than me? ;-)

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