Saturday, September 29, 2007

Is it that obvious?

Coming home this afternoon from the Lutheran CORE gathering (of which I'll say more later), I stopped off to visit one of the Chicagoland's Catholic / Christian supply stores. They've been sending their catalog to Zion for years and I figured this was a good chance to check out another such store (we have a fine Catholic / Christian supply store here in Peoria, too) to see what they had. I was traveling mufti (contrary to popular opinion, I both own and wear "normal" clothing), attired just as I am in the photo here, with black trousers and dark-brown Top-Siders.

And so, standing in an aisle looking at some books, the proprietess walks by and asks, "You finding everything fine, Father?"

"Gee," I responded, "you could tell that easily, eh?" (Maybe it was the black trousers.)

Anyway, had a very nice conversation with her, she made sure I made a visit to the second level to see the vestments and other ecclesial goods, and the third floor (not usually opened on Saturdays) for the gallery.

Naturally, I came home with a few more books. And copy of the Rublev icon of the Holy Trinity.

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